"About the Story of Satyanarayana God"

The legend of Lord Satyanarayana is a symbol of faith in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. This story inspires all of us to speak the truth in human life. Satyanarayana Vrat Katha is a religious fast in Hindu tradition. The story of Lord Satyanarayana is prevalent in this world. Satyanarayana Vrat Katha is the most revered fast story of the true form of Lord Vishnu among Hindu scriptures. Some people organize this story on the completion of their wishes and some others regularly. There are two parts of Satyanarayana Vrat Katha, fast-worship and Katha. The Satyanarayana Vratakatha is compiled from Rewakhand of Skandapuran.Satya Narayana Vrat Katha is the official name (Satyanarayana) Vrat Katha. God is worshiped in many forms, of which his Satyanarayan form is told in this story. About 170 verses are available in Sanskrit language in the text of the original text of this tale, which is divided into five chapters. There are two major themes of this story – one is to forget the resolution and the other is to insult Prasad. In different chapters of Vrat Katha, it is told through short stories, what kind of troubles come from not following the truth.

"Significance of Satyanarayan Vratkatha"

Worshiping truth is especially fruitful in Kalikala, free from all sorrows. There is no beginning date for getting desired fruit. Worshiping Satya as Narayana (Vishnu) is the worship of Satyanarayana. The second meaning of this is that the only Narayan in the world is the truth, the rest is Maya. Therefore, one should observe the true fast in life with full devotion and strength. On not doing so, God not only gets angry, but also deprives us of the wealth of the punishments and the happiness of the brothers-in-law. In this sense, it is a popular and well-known religious literature of the reputation of truth in folklore. On Pooranmasi, this story is told by a qualified teacher in the family. And on other festivals, an attempt is made to do this story by law.

The worship of Lord Satyanarayana requires banana leaves, fruits, panchamrit, panchagavya, betel nut, paan, sesame, molly, roli, kumkum, cow dung, durva, etc., from which God is worshiped. For worship, Panchamrit is prepared by mixing milk, curd, honey, Gangajal, Tulsi leaf and dry fruits, to bathe Lord Shri Shaligramji, who is very dear to him. As a prasad, in addition to fruits and sweetmeats, roast the flour and apply savanai, mixed with sugar and make powder, which is called panjiri, is also enjoyed.

Method of Worshipping Satyanarayan God

In the first chapter of the story of Satyanarayana Vrat, it has been told that how to worship Lord Satyanarayan. In short, this method is as follows-

Those who pledge to worship Satyanarayana, they should observe fast throughout the day. Make the altar sacred by cow dung and make an altar there, and place a worship post on it. Plant banana trees or leaves near the four legs of this outpost. Establish a statue of Shaligram, Thakurji or Shri Satyanarayana at this post. While worshiping, first worship Ganpati. Thereafter, worship Indradi Dashadikpal and Pancha Lokpal, Sita including Rama, Laxman and Radha Krishna respectively. After worshiping him, worship Thakur ji, Shaligram and Satyanarayana. After this, worship Goddess Lakshmi and finally Mahadev and Brahma.After worshiping, perform aarti of all the Gods and Goddesses and distribute Prasad with Charanamrit. Give Dakshina and clothes to Acharya ji and get food done. After the meal, after taking blessings from Acharya, you should eat yourself.

It takes about two to two and a half hours to complete the Satyanarayana story methodically and about 5 hours in the story of Lord Satyanarayana in music.

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Say love to Lord Satyanarayan with love.