Significance of Akhand Path of Shri Ramcharitmanas

Ramayana is also an excellent example of brotherly love. While Lakshman, who is engaged in the elder brother’s love, goes to the forest with Shri Rama, Bharata does not sit on the Raj Gaddi of Ayodhya, because he has the right of the elder brother, to revere Shri Ram’s paduka. Kaushalya was an ideal mother. Forgetting the injustice done by Kaikeyi on her son Rama, she had as much affection on Bharata, son of Kaikeyi as on her son Ram. Hanuman was an ideal devotee, he was always ready to serve Rama like a follower. Lakshman, unconscious of Shaktiban, received his life due to his service. The character of Ravana learns that ego is the cause of destruction. A person can make his life meaningful by learning from the characters of Ramayana. That is why every devotee must have Ramcharitmanas recited during his lifetime, which can be done in this way.

 Time and worship method in Ramcharitmanas Akhand Path

The “Sri Ramcharitmanas” (unbroken Ramayana) text takes about 24 hours. The first altar to be worshiped is the statue of Gauri Ganesh and Varuna Deity, Navagraha Deity and the presiding deity Shri Sitaram Darbar.

Thereafter, Vedic worship is done by Shodashopchar by invoking Ganesh Gauri and all the established idols and statues. After this, all the Brahmin brothers, family brothers and favored friends all start the Ramcharitmanas lesson, which is done by putting the samput.

The Havan Aarti is performed at the end of the Ramcharitmanas text. The Lord’s Prasad is distributed to all the devotees after being received by the Acharya. After receiving the Prasad, everyone should go to their own abode in remembrance of God, so that all the sufferings will end and all the tasks will be completed.

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